Sharing our iVIS Experience

Alessio Giovanni M.D. Professor, University of Bari - Italy

"I have been using the iVIS Suite for several years and I find it unique by giving the surgeon the freedom to plan the ideal custom surgical treatment and by granting the ablation profile to be executed with the utmost accuracy, thank to its fully automatised processes"

Avoni Luca M.D. Ospedale Maggiore, Bologna and Director at the Eye Bank of Emilia Romagna - Italy

"I used an excimer laser with the iVis software for the first time in 2000 for a session at the NHS in Imola and I was impressed by the customised approach in all cases, definitely innovative for those years. I had a second experience in 2005 at the Hospital in Reggio Emilia where I carried out some complex cases such as high myopia, astigmatism (with myopia, hyperopia and mixed) and hyperopia with optimum results that I followed up over time. As at today, I am using the iVis Suite at Nuova Ricerca Clinic in Rimini and since 2011 at Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna. I particularly appreciate the technology for complex cases such as corneal leucoma and the treatment of pterygium. I also had the opportunity to use the iVis Suite at the Eye Bank of Emilia Romagna for the creation of lamellas from endothelial keratoplasty with parallel faces whose results are very positive and being published shortly. The technology by iVis is in my opinion particularly useful in all cases and particularly in the complex ones because it allows planning the treatment of each single case with the link of corneal tomography and pupillometry, on the other hand it gives important insights that help the surgeon to plan the ablation strategy."

Di Monaco Silvio M.D. University Hospital Ospedali Riuniti, Foggia - Italy

"I have been using the iVis Suite for about one year. It is a product of excellent quality, able to make the treatments to correct visual defects even more precise, personalised and safe. The planning of the treatments ensures maximum efficiency and the therapeutic results and rapid visual recovery. This performance is ensured by a very accurate pre-op data mining by the Precisio tomographer and the pMetrics pupillometer, by the customised planning with the CIPTA software, by the high ablation speed, the powerful eye-tracking system with its sophisticated torsional control. The strength of this technology is the possibility to support therapeutic treatments (keratoplasty, pterygium, glaucoma) on top of refractive ones (PRK, PTK) where the cTEN procedure, that is No-Touch, allows to perform refractive treatments with the de-epithelisation by the laser, as a one step with the rest of the treatment without touching the eye with either, blades, alcohol, microkeratomes, etc. The platform is ergonomic, movable, and highly technological, supplied by an Italian company that guarantees optimum post-sale service."

Fiorini Pier Federico M.D. Ospedale Maggiore, Bologna - Italy

"The iVis platform is an optimum aid to refractive surgery due to its versatility and the easiness of use. The possibility to customise the treatment, also considering the pupillometry, allows the delivery of optimum results with this system. The high frequency of the laser, the torsional eye-tracker, the possibility to execute trans-epithelial ablations, the presence of dedicated strategies like the one I use for pterygium surgery or to execute deep lamellar corneal transplants, are only some examples that make this platform a reference point on the industry."

Goggin Michael M.D. and Andersons Viki Ashford Advanced Eye Care, Adelaide - Australia

"We took delivery of the iVis Suite in our busy refractive practice in November 2010. Since then we have increased the efficiency of our refractive surgery service considerably as a consequence of the ease of use of the devices and its delivery of excellent outcome using surface ablations. The careful planning and management of the ablation profile edge to minimise regression that is possible with this device and its software, is a significant benefit in our practice. Lasik procedures are less needed but still easily achieved. We have also found that the ability to treat irregular astigmatism well has been a major advance through use of highly accurate topography available using the iVis Suite."

Joshi Mukesh M.D. Laser Eye Centre, Nairobi - Kenia

"I believe in preserving the integrity of the cornea so I mainly executed Epi-Lasik. All surgeons are aware that Lasik can lead to optical complications like: spherical aberration, ocular surface disorder and mechanical ones like ectasia. I recently started using iVis and compared to Epi-Lasik, its cTEN is wonderful. With iVis, surgeons have a wide set of options for customised advanced surface ablations. The Suite has remarkable options for corneal regularisation for Keratoconus and irregular astigmatism. As we have very large Keratoconus practice, this is ideal for the treatment of Cross-Linking. It also executes deep lamellar Keratoplasty. Now, surgeons can avoid the unpredictability of the big-bubble technique."

Kaufmann Claude M.D. Cantonal Hospital, Lucerne - Switzerland

"In our cornea clinic, the iRes laser with its unique capability of regularising corneal surfaces and restoring the visual axis is an invaluable tool in the treatment of irregular astigmatism and superficial corneal scarring. In many of these patients, advanced surface ablation supersedes rigid contact lenses or corneal grafts."

Mulè Giulio M.D. Ophthalmology Clinic, Trento Hospital - Italy

"My experience with refractive surgery started in 1999 with the CIPTA customisation software by iVis. To follow, I embraced the full iVis Suite whose diagnostic devices finally speak the same language. The correction of high visual defects or irregular corneal morphologies using ultra-fast customised techniques is my primary satisfaction in refractive surgery; the Suite technology allows expanding the capabilities of excimer lasers beyond the simple correction of refractive defects related to eye glasses. The constant evolution of the software and surgical strategies represents a continuous intellectual stimulus to progress."

Parisi Albino M.D. Augenklinik, Innsbruck - Austria

"The complications associated with Lasik and the corneal flap had seriously damaged the popularity of refractive surgery in Austria. The iVis Suite with its cTEN (Customised Trans-Epithelial No-Touch) procedure allows me to deliver outstanding visual outcomes without the need to create the corneal flap. This ultimately results in superior safety for my patients and an innovative marketing angle. I have been using the iVis Suite since 2007 and thanks to its customised approach I can now expand the offerings of my practice to treating high-order aberrations and a number of therapeutic cases. Also in these cases, the capabilities of the Suite are unique and deliver top visual results in total safety."

Santoro Severino M.D. Centro Oftalmologico, Putignano - Italy

"I have been using CIPTA since 1997 when it was the first and only refractive system based upon the customisation of the treatment, implemented via the interface between the topographer and an innovative laser with a flying spot (then 1ยต) with frequency of 100Hz. Since then research, experience and technological innovation led to the creation of the present iVis Suite integrated platform, which takes customised treatments to their maximum expression. cTEN, in my opinion, has greatly simplified the surgical approach and improved the post-operative recovery, thanks to a faster re-epithelialisation and the reduction of the discomfort often associated with alcohol-based de-epithelialisation. Using this technology was always very satisfying, for me and my patients, in particular for the complex cases, such as the negative outcomes of previous refractive surgery and corneal transplants. The iRes excimer laser and its software programs, allowed me to perform with excellent results, lamellar corneal transplantation with keratoconus (with the CLAT software), deep sclerectomy with glaucoma, sclerocorneal regularisations in pterygium, epikeratophakia in high ametropia. I can surely define these 15 years of cooperation as highly satisfying, in which the planning of every surgical treatment, from the simplest to the most complicated, enriches still now my professional experience."

Spadea Leopoldo M.D. Ophthalmology Clinic University of L'Aquila - Italy

"The iVis Suite platform is surely very innovative in technology and software. I am convinced that a university hospital has the duty to advancing clinical research. Now, after more than 5 years of use at the Ophthalmology Clinic at L’Aquila University, I can state that the system delivers effective customised treatments. My experience is particularly positive in the treatment of keratoconus with pachimetry-guided lamellar keratoplasty (CLAT) that I execute with great satisfaction in selected patients."

Stojanovic Alexandar M.D. Ophthalmology Clinic, Tromsoe University Chen Xiangjun M.D. Synslaser Clinic Oslo - Norway

"Dr. Chen and I have been working as a team in treatment of complex cases with irregular astigmatism using the iVIS-suit since 2008. Numerous colleagues from Northern Europe and US regularly refer their problem cases, after complicated LASIK surgery and otherwise, to us for treatment with this unique system, constructed specifically to address the requirements of corneal therapeutic surgery with options not even considered by the competing systems."

Thomann Urs M.D. Augenlazerzentrum Zentralschweiz, Luzern - Switzerland

"I am doing laser surgery for twenty years and performed all kind of excimer laser techniques. Since 2007 we are using the Ligi laser by iVis Technologies which allows a single-step, all-laser, no-touch, trans-epithelial treatment which is a unique approach to surface ablation as the system also offers the possibility to calculate and treat severely irregular corneas. I have excellent results and a lot of happy patients with this excimer laser."

The above mentioned surgeons do not have any financial interest in iVis and are not consultants paid by iVis.