From Distribution, to R&D, to being a Global Refractive and Therapeutic Corneal Surgery Company

LIGI Tecnologie Medicali began its extensive R&D program back in 1993. LIGI was founded as a software house to implement the CIPTA™ project.

Founded by engineer Giuseppe D'Ippolito, still our current CEO, LIGI recognised early the potential in small spot scanning refractive lasers and the fundamental importance of the real shape of the cornea in order to customise ablations and minimise invasiveness.

LIGI always believed that proper planning of corneal therapeutic and refractive surgery could not rely solely on refraction data, like in standard ablations or Wavefront, but needed to integrate a detailed knowledge of the shape of the cornea and pupil dynamics.

In 1996, the CIPTA™ software was launched and licensed to manufactures of excimer laser hardware.

In 2001, LIGI started a full-scope R&D program to design a full platform. This was to overcome the technical limitations of the hardware on the market that was not allowing performing truly customised low-invasiveness therapeutic and refractive corneal surgery.

In 2006 iVis Technologies was selected by MIUR (the Ministry for Education, University and Research of Italy) and received an important Award for its innovative R&D program that lead to the development of the iVis Suite.

With these key concepts in mind and in collaboration with the ophthalmic clinics of prestigious universities in 2007 after 6 years of research and development the iVis Suite was born.

iVis Technologies started operations in 2008 as a spin-off of LIGI to manage R&D activities and to market and maintain all iVis products in the global markets. On the other hand, LIGI manages all iVis products exclusively for Italy.

In 2009, iVis received the prestigious OSEO certification as a leading Innovative Corporation from the Ministry of Research of France.

In 2011, iVis incorporated the iVerify function in its therapeutic and refractive surgery platform iVis Suite. The iVerify™ allows surgical to carry out a transparent and objective evaluation of the achieved surgical results vs. the intended surgical plan. To our knowledge iVis is the only company on the market to allow such transparent verification.