High Definition Surgical Tomography

We cannot afford to ignore the true corneal morphology in corneal surgery. Can you?

Designed in-house to be fully integrated with the other components of the iVis Suite, PrecisioHD™ is iVis second generation Corneal Tomographer with 3D eye tracker

PrecisioHD™ delivers true HD morphological maps and refractive data with statistically validated repeatability below 3µ

PrecisioHD™ is equipped with our exclusive iVerify™ application to allow for the post-op clinical validation of the planned ablation vs. the achieved ablation and the fine-tuning of the iRes™ laser efficiency to adjust for local environmental factors

PrecisioHD™ is based upon Scheimpflug imaging and scans in less than 1 second 50 Scheimpflug cross-section images

PrecisioHD™ delivers through a ray-tracing process the accurate true total corneal power including corneal HO aberrations and customised aspheric fitting to each pupil size

PrecisioHD™ defines with superior accuracy all the critical surgery parameters such as corneal apex, the fixation reflex and the pupil and limbus centroids and diameters

PrecisioHD™ calculates the morphological and visual axis thus determining the K angle to restore the morphological axis

PrecisioHD™ delivers unmatched repeatability of examinations and durability thanks to its vibration-proof trolley and sturdy construction


Clinical Applications

Technical Data