No eye is equal

This was very clear to us when we launched in 1996 our CIPTA™ (Corneal Interactive Programmed Topographic Ablation) software to customise corneal surgery.

Because customising means minimising invasiveness and reducing complications, thus respecting your patients’ eyes!

Reaching your destination means knowing where you are starting from

It sounds obvious...but it is not! And it is also true in corneal surgery! This was a key concept that drove our R&D program leading to the launch in 2007 of the iVis Suite. In fact, we went to the extent of designing in-house our diagnostic devices and our fully integrated platform. No other company can claim that! Because superior diagnostic devices grant better refractive outcomes, low invasiveness and the ability to treat corneal diseases previously classified as untreatable, or to repair previously unsuccessful refractive surgery cases!

The iVis Suite is in fact a fully-integrated ensemble of leading diagnostic devices with the fastest excimer laser and planning software for customised therapeutic and refractive corneal surgery. Always Minimising Invasiveness!

The 3Ds of ideal vision: Diagnose + Design + Deliver

The iVis Suite's diagnostic components are

Precisio HD detecting in high definition, the anterior segment's data: true shapes, asphericity, total corneal power and critical surgical parameters.

pMetrics providing the ideal optical zone through dynamic pupil assessment.
Surgery is custom designed for each patient with a synthesis of true elevation, pupillometry, and refractive data using

CIPTA for custom therapeutic and refractive surgery

CLAT for custom laser lamellar transplantations.

The iVis Suite's flagship product is our

iRes a 1000Hz High Resolution excimer laser system that delivers both custom therapeutic and custom refractive surgery.

The list of unique features to iRes is extensive and includes many new capabilities for your surgical practice such as glaucoma and pterygium surgical procedures.