High-Resolution, Ultrafast Custom Refractive
and Custom Therapeutic Laser

Enjoy the Safety of the World’s Fastest Laser Treatments!

iRes™ Excimer is currently the best performing laser on the market delivering fast and micrometric smooth ablations

iRes™ runs at 1000Hz. thanks to a patented technology and delivers ablations that are fast and free from thermal effect

iRes™ is equipped with micrometric 0.65 mm Gaussian spot for ultra-smooth ablated surfaces

iRes™ thanks to its technical characteristics is the only laser on the market able to perform customised therapeutic corneal surgical strategies on top of custom refractive surgery

iRes™, thanks to our CF/A™ patented technology, that delivers the spots on the cornea with a constant frequency per square millimeter, ensures more predictable ablations by controlling the plume effect and preventing thermal effect on the cornea. CF/A™ delivers extremely smooth and regular surfaces

iRes™ is equipped with our exclusive iVerify™ closed-loop application that, linking with PrecisioHD™, will match the expected pre-op surgical plan to the effective post-op result to fine-tune the delivery of the laser beam energy and improve precision. iVerify™ is a totally transparent tool for surgeons to appraise the efficacy of the surgery delivered.

iRes™ boasts a high-speed, synchronous 3D eye-tracking with ocular feature registration linked to PrecisioHD™ corneal maps


Clinical Applications

Technical Data