Others only speak about customised surgery, we do it! We always deliver what we promise!

By reading the claims of companies in the industry, concepts like customisation, low invasiveness and therapeutic corneal surgery are often abused.

In reality, standard ablations still account for the majority of the refractive treatments executed worldwide. This is so despite the fact that many alternative customisation technologies, such as Wavefront, have been marketed and installed for years.

But if custom is better than standard by definition, why do surgeons still prefer standard ablations?

We believe the answer lies in the technical limitations of the technologies themselves. As an example, Wavefront is based upon the technical paradigm that the eye under examination is a regular surface. This is rarely so! And unfortunately Wavefront misses to detect a number of surface irregularities on the cornea. Hence the low repeatability of Wavefront examinations! These inconsistency are greater, the more complicated the cornea is! Is this not upsetting the whole purpose of customisation that ought to bring greater benefits, the more complicated the case?
Furthermore, if there is an aberration on the lens, with Wafefront this will be accounted for on the cornea thus making it irregular and inducing regression as the eye naturally tries to compensate this irregularity!

Our CIPTAmax™ principles on the contrary claim the opposite. Higher order corneal visual defects are eliminated by achieving the ideal aconic shape starting from the true anterior corneal shape. This approach requires less invasive treatments that merely removes the irregularities that cause the refractive defects.

Additionally, can it be claimed that Lasik is not invasive? Can we claim that Lasik does not permanently weaken the mechanical properties of the cornea?

We developed CTEN™, our fully-automatic customised trans-epithelial no-touch procedure as a low invasive alternative to Lasik. Therefore when we speak about customised ablations and low invasiveness, we truly deliver it!

Naturally, The iVis Suite can perform truly customised Lasik, because we believe that surgeons have the ultimate responsibility about the choice of treatment.

Finally, our iVis Suite can perform a wide array of therapeutic procedures, including the retreatment of previously unsuccessful corneal surgery with outstanding results. That is why the iVis Suite™ is installed in some of the most prestigious hospitals in the world.

iVis, the Innovative Free Thinkers in Corneal Surgery!

Being a small independent company always gave us the freedom to pursue our scientific and ethical goals. Free from the financial and corporate constrains that are often imposed on companies that are part of big multinational corporations or were acquired by multination corporations in multi-million deals.
That is why we call ourselves the innovative free thinkers in refractive surgery!

We pay the utmost respect and admiration to the doctors that, in some of the most respected hospitals worldwide, continue to use our platform, contributing to its enduring development.
They demonstrated to “think out of the box” by marrying our philosophy in the name of a better care for their patients.

Thank you all for thinking creatively and independently!