How to select your surgeon

Q. Is my cTEN™ centre a reputable one?

A.   Given the iVis Suite™ unique therapeutic capabilities, such as customised lamellar corneal transplantation or Keratoconus, our platforms are installed in prestigious hospitals, universities and refractive clinics where also complex eye pathologies are treated.

Q.   Where will I find my cTEN™ surgeon?

A.   The iVis Suite™ already is available in several countries. The iVis website includes a geo-location engine that allows you to locate the iVis™ Centre closer to you.

Q.   Why are there only a few cTEN™ centres around?

A.   Unlike large multinational companies, also active in the highly remunerative pharmaceutical market, iVis™ is a small company that invests primarily in Research & Development in corneal surgery and to a much lesser extent in marketing and advertising. iVis provides not only refractive surgery strategies, but also a solution to a variety of eye pathologies despite the fact that statistically they affect only a minimal percentage of the population.

Q.   Is the cost of surgery an important issue?

A.   Although not always, often the cost of a procedure is an indication of the experience of the medical team and the guarantee that the centre will use the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We would strongly recommend to investigate accurately investigating before accepting a discount offer.

Q.   How much does cTEN™ cost?

A.   All iVis™ Ophthalmologists use the same iVis Suite™ platform. All iVis Suites™ are maintained directly by iVis™ thus granting a consistent level of performance throughout all centres. However, the cost of cTEN™ can vary according to several factors, such as the location of the clinic.