custom Trans-Epithelial No-touch

iVis introduced in 2007 cTEN™, its unique Customised Trans-Epithelial No-Touch procedure. cTEN™ is a totally automatic surface ablation with no corneal manipulation that minimises invasiveness, eliminates surgical risks induced by applanation, suction and flap and reduces intra-operative pain and discomfort.

cTEN™ is Customised to each individual patient and is Trans-Epithelial. Therefore our iRes 1000Hz excimer removes automatically the epithelium only in the treatment area.

cTEN™ is consequently uniquely No-Touch as it avoids all surgeons’ manipulation of the cornea.

cTEN™ can successfully perform a variety of therapeutic corneal surgeries, including correction of decentrations, induced and/or congenital irregular astigmatism, scars, leucoma, custom regularization prior cross-linking surgery, custom regularization after pterygium excision, deep Sclerectomy for glaucoma, as well as the re-treatment of previously unsuccessful refractive surgery.

We welcome you to explore the following key benefits of cTEN™.

No Touch

Enjoy total automation by eliminating all corneal manipulation


Avoid the corneal flap with all flap-induced complications


Eliminate corneal applanation and suction and all associated intra-operative pain

Customized Ablation

Perform 100% truly customised ablations overcoming the limitations of Wavefront

Low Invasiveness

Achieve the lowest possible invasiveness while respecting your patients’ corneas


Deliver the fastest one-step refractive procedures today in less than 30 seconds on average