We, at iVis Tecnologies, are the pioneers and innovative thinkers in corneal surgery since 1996.

In 1996 in fact we launched our CIPTA™ customisation software to customise corneal surgery. Still now the majority of refractive surgeries worldwide are standard ablations.

Since then, we also consider low invasiveness and patients’ wellbeing as driving concepts in our R&D activity, thus we developed CTEN™ as a safer alternative to Lasik.

We now offer a comprehensive refractive product portfolio and the most advanced corneal surgery platform in the world: the iVis Suite™.

The iVis Suite™ is composed of diagnostic devices, surgery planning software and the fastest excimer laser in the world. Our PrecisioHD™ 3D corneal tomographer and the pMetrics™ pupillometer, are industry-leading devices. CIPTAmax™ and CLAT™ our surgery planning software solutions for therapeutic and refractive surgery allows surgeons to perform a wide array of therapeutic and refractive strategies. Our 1000Hz iRes laser is the best performing excimer on the market.

The iVis Suite offers the widest portfolio of advanced therapeutic and refractive surgical procedures executable by CTEN™, our proprietary NO – TOUCH customised trans-epithelial strategy for therapeutic and refractive corneal surgery. A SAFE and totally automated procedure that avoids all manipulation of the cornea. C-TEN™ dramatically reduces patients’ and surgeons’ time in the operating theatre being a FAST one-step surgery.

Our RAP™ procedure for presbyopia is unique in being a fully reversible procedure to respect the patients’ eyes.

Plus a number of advanced therapeutic procedures such as the correction of decentrations, induced and/or congenital irregular astigmatism, scars, corneal regularisation for complex cases, customised cross linking combined laser-treatment for keratoconus, customised anterior lamellar corneal transplantation for keratoconus and leucoma, custom endothelial lamellar transplantation pterygium, custom Epikeratophacky, custom regularization after Pterygium excision, deep Sclerectomy for glaucoma and others.

iVis Technologies managed to successfully convey its refractive know-how into its innovative line for cataract surgery such as our IOLs presenting our patented Asphericity Optimised™ optics based upon the core aspheric design principles of CIPTAmax™.

iVis ongoing commitment is the total dedication to innovative research fuelled by the desire to bring optimum vision and quality of life to more and more people worldwide and maintaining our leadership as the pioneers and innovative thinkers in therapeutic and refractive corneal surgery.