Corneal Interactive Programmed Topographic Ablation

Over 15 Years of Experience in Customised Corneal Surgery. Who else can claim that?

CIPTAmax™ software was born in 1996 to design 100% customised, optimised, aspheric, aberration-free surgical applications while reducing invasiveness for the patients

CIPTAmax™, our new generation evolution of CIPTA™, uniquely blends PrecisioHD™ morphological and refractive data together with the IdealPupil™ computed by pMetrics™ to plan the ideal Aconic Surface with full control over asphericity to deliver the ideal vision for each patient as the natural consequence of the corneal regularisation

CIPTAmax™ plans variable-width transition zone to maintain a constant slope with linear variation of the curvature to mitigate the risk of regression and minimise the risk of halos and starbursts

CIPTAmax™ delivers the treatment plans for ordinary refractive disorders, as well as complex refractive disorders such as irregular astigmatism, decentrations, central islands, errors induced by previous refractive surgery and high refractive errors

CIPTAmax™ can perform our exclusive, innovative cTEN™ approach as well as all common refractive strategies such as Lasik, Lasek, PRK, always customised!

CIPTAmax™ to date has been used to perform over 1 million surgeries worldwide!


Clinical Applications

Discover the CIPTAmax™ advantage

CIPTAmax™ is a synthesis of high-definition shape, detailed refractive data and dynamic pupil assessment

Built of a strong basis of physiological optics while respecting corneal physiology, CIPTAmax™ demonstrated excellent clinical results in delivering custom refractive surgery to primary cases through complex secondary cases.

CIPTAmax™ is a fundamental departure from refractive-only approaches marketed with wavefront measurements. Rather than using only refractive data available through the pupil, CIPTAmax™ incorporates a synthesis of ray-traced refractive data, high definition elevation, and pupillometry data.

Importantly, surgery is executed on the surface that is detected in high-resolution by PrecisioHD™. This sharply contrasts with the widespread approach to etching a lens, thus producing an aberration map on a surface thusly altering its shape, but without regard or knowledge of its shape.

CIPTAmax™ vs. Wavefront Ablations

iVis believes a Wavefront approach is technically limited

In fact, can we ethically state that objective refractive data is the entire equation? iVis believes this not the case! Here is why!

The philosophy that drives CIPTAmax™ states that the refractive outcome is the natural consequence of the modifications of the corneal morphology

Customised ablations based only on refractive data deduced by Wavefront devices and/or Placido-based topographers attempt to directly compensate for the refractive error under the assumption that there is no need to know the corneal morphology

Wavefront ablation profiles are based on a lens to be applied on the cornea with no consideration of the corneal morphology

CIPTAmax™ regularises the anterior surface of the cornea by identifying and placing the ideal aconic surface thus removing only the limited portion of tissue included between the anterior corneal profile and the ideal aconic surface

CIPTAmax™ requires less tissue ablation as the irregularities of the cornea increase, as opposed to Wavefront-guided ablations which require a higher amount of tissue as irregularities increase.

Discover C-TEN™

Expand the offering of your surgery with premium treatments!

Discover iVis exclusive No-Touch procedure for premium therapeutic and refractive corneal surgery. In Fact C-TEN™ is trans-epithelial with the epithelium removed by the laser only in the individual treatment area. Thus C-Ten is Safe and respects the patients’ eyes, sparing corneal tissue.

C-TEN™ avoids all manipulation of the patients’ cornea by the doctor and by eliminating corneal applanation, suction and flap.

Thanks to the accuracy of the diagnostic devices of the iVis Suite™, Customised Ablations are the standard with C-TEN™ in 100% of cases and delivered always granting Low Invasiveness.

C-TEN™ dramatically reduces patients’ and surgeons’ time in the operating theatre being a Fast one-step surgery thanks to the 1000Hz frequency of the patented iRes™ excimer laser.

Discover all the surgical options brought to you by C-TEN™

C-TEN™ thanks to its gentle laser ablation limited to the treatment zone, dramatically accelerates corneal healing and reduces patients’ recovery time

Discover Asphericity Interactive™ - "ai™"

The ai™ function interactively compensates for multiple, interdependent factors affecting asphericity.

CIPTAmax™ includes our exclusive algorithm ai™. Only ai™ fully and interactively compensates for multiple factors each affecting and affected by asphericity.

ai™ is an easy to use, surgeon-friendly surgical design tool that eliminates the need for very complex, multi-factored compensation calculations with variable interdependencies on:

- Corneal curvature
- Pupil (refractive area) dimensions
- Refractive power change
- Asphericity change

ai™ is truly customised asphericity