Electronic Engineer

About this job

Job description

We, at LIGI MEDICALI SRL, located in Taranto, Italy at via Luigi Corsi n.50, are currently seeking a graduate in Electronic Engineering, to become part of our Research and Development Division dedicated to the development of medical devices.

Skills and experience required

Our ideal candidate for the position will have the following knowledge, skills and experience:


  • Experience in the design of System on Chip based on FPGA (ALTERA), DSP (Texas Instruments) or ARM architecture.
  • Development of SoC firmware/software for image processing, real-time applications, and data transfer.
  • Experience in the implementation of video and communication protocols on SoC: RS232, Ethernet, I2C, VGA, DVI, HDMI, custom interface.


Preferred skills are competencies related to hardware design with high speed signals.  

The ability to work in teams and good knowledge of the English language will complete the candidate’s profile.


The contract and salary terms will be determined based on the skills, competences and experience of the candidate.


Candidates can apply their CV for the position at www.ivistechnologies.com websites or by sending an email to reception@ligi.it. Subject of the email be: Electronic Engineer CV.